The verbatim quotes below are a small selection taken from feedback sheets at courses delivered by Andrew Lavender and Peter Wilson to local housing authorities, social landlords and private landlords delegates. To date we have delivered training to over 8,600 delegates.

I have been working in housing for many years, but I can say that this course was one of the most informative and engaging courses I have attended. The trainer’s knowledge and expertise in the field was unparalleled, and they were able to convey complex concepts in a way that was both clear and concise. I would highly recommend this course to anyone involved in this area of work

“Very beneficial, excellent trainer, many thanks.”

“I thought the enforcement notices were explained excellently and made clear and simple.”

“Andrew Lavender – excellent facilitator, extremely knowledgeable and very inspiring.”

“Andrew was excellent and the examples he used makes the subject far more understandable. Thank you.”

“Excellent delivery, made subject matters very entertaining, clear and concise”

“An excellent presenter, very knowledgeable and practical in his ideas. A excellent training session – should be run for all staff involved.”

“Excellent presentation and range of handouts to take away.”

“Excellent course, delivered by someone who is very knowledgeable about legislation and its practical application. Will be taking away some very good pointers. “

“The trainer was very knowledgeable and delivered the course in a very professional manner. Course material and information very good.”

“Very enjoyable and interesting,. Andrew was able to apply legislation in very unique ways – food for thought.”

“The course was excellent on all aspects and a lot of information provided.”

“Very useful good insight gained as to most relevant tools to use on a case by case basis.”

“Informative, helpful would highly recommend to others.”

“Good throughout. Very informative and helpful course and would recommend to others to attend or organise.”

“Really enjoyed course. It helped make sense of a number of issues I had previously been in doubt about. Clear & straight forward. Course recommended to my colleagues – well worth attending – Thank you.”

“Excellent presentation – made what first appeared to be a very daunting subject easy to understand.”

“Very good course.  Makes something that was onerous into something simple and understandable.”

“Peter was an excellent trainer. He was very knowledgeable and shared his experiences and expertise very openly. He encourage constructive debate among the group and made the course thoroughly enjoyable and applicable. Many thanks.”

“A subject I thought I would struggle to understand was explained with relevant examples so I understood and found it interesting.”

“Didn’t expect to enjoy the course so much. Trainer very engaging.”

“A very good course giving a good introduction and application of HHSRS which will prove to be very useful.”

“One of the best organised and presented training courses I have been on for a long time.”

“Excellent course – complex issue made fun.”

“I did HHSRS training a while ago and struggled how to do the assessments. Now I feel I have a reasonable grasp of the subject. The trainer knew the subject well and explained it clearly. I am really pleased to have done this course with such expert tuition. Very good course handbook.”

“One of the best run courses I have attended.”

“Peter was excellent in every respect! He was extremely helpful and easy to approach and talk to. He was very knowledgeable and would instinctively bring you back into the conversation.”

“Trainer very knowledgeable with excellent presentation skills.”

“Most useful. Trainer was first class. Highly informative. Thanks.”

“Trainer very experienced and could draw on his own practical knowledge. Archive of his photos useful for comparison and to see further real examples. Interaction was encouraged and very useful.”

“The exercises were clever and invoked discussion and debate. Quite a lot of information to get through but delivered swiftly with humour ensuring continued interest – even after a good lunch!”

“A well presented course by a very knowledgeable trainer.”

“Presented with enthusiasm and wit by Peter – excellent.”