Housing Act 2004 Enforcement Action

Housing practitioners must combine a sound understanding of the HHSRS assessment procedure with a thorough grasp of the enforcement provisions.  The enforcement provisions in the Housing Act 2004 do allow robust action in appropriate circumstances.  The provisions are also very flexible and it is important that practitioners understand the legal framework within which discretion should be exercised.

Lavender & Wilson offer two enforcement courses:

HHSRS Enforcement

The standard course builds on the IDeA enforcement course which was written by Peter Wilson and delivered nationally when the Rating System was introduced.  This is ideal for people coming into housing enforcement without prior knowledge of the Housing Act 2004 or for those who want to reinforce their knowledge of the legal framework. On completion, delegates will :

  • Be aware of the options for action after assessment of the hazard
  • Understand the implications of each option
  • Be confident to determine the most appropriate course of action
  • Be able to prepare an effective Statement of Reasons
  • Be able to use emergency action when appropriate
  • Understand how the Residential Property Tribunal operates

HHSRS Enforcement for Experienced Practitioners

This looks in more depth at some of the some complex enforcement issues with extensive reference to decisions of the First-tier Property Tribunal.  It also includes an extended session on Tribunal procedures.  At the end of the session, delegates will :

  • Have a good knowledge of HHSRS enforcement procedures
  • Be familiar with important First-tier Property Tribunal decisions relevant to HHSRS enforcement
  • Understand the factors liable to make Notices and Orders open to challenge
  • Have a good appreciation of First-Tier Property procedures
  • Use of Rent Repayment Orders / Works in Default
  • Use of Financial Penalties